(2000, 30min, 16mm & DVD) | Live-action/Animation, Color, Sound

Beyond Voluntary Control conveys the experience of psychological and physical confinement. Through a surreal montage of haunting images from diverse sources, a sense of the obsessions, phobias, and diseases that constrict personal freedom is tellingly communicated. Dancer David Figueroa contributes his original and evocative movements to the mix. A soundtrack with poems by Emily Dickinson and Sharon Olds escorts the visual, and an interview with the filmmaker’s mother poignantly underscores the latter’s struggle with Parkinson’s disease.

- lock yourself in, let yourself go -

BVC Still BVC Still BVC Still
BVC Still BVC Still BVC Still

2000 - MADCAT Int’l Film Festival & Tour
30th Anniversary Women Make Movies, MOMA
39th Ann Arbor F/V Festival, BEST EDITING AWARD, 2001
Honorable Mention, 2001 Black Maria Film & Video Festival
THAW Film Festival, Iowa City, Iowa.

Producer/ Director & Editor:  Cathy Cook
Original Movement and Dance: David Figueroa
Sound Design: Paul Dickinson
Assistant to Director: Stefanie Koseff

Women Make Movies