(2002 – 2006) A collection of Eleven Short Film Poems on one DVD compilation


Emily and Liberace # 1763 (1:45 min, 16mm film transferred to DV) Poetry: Emily Dickinson 
#536 Poetry: Emily Dickinson
Timeline Poetry: Cathy Cook
Fire (a poetry film about the fear and obsession with fire) Poetry: Cathy Cook
tar guys (2006, 5 min, S-8 film to DV) Poetry: Cathy Cook
Inside Underneath
 (2005, film/DV, 2 min) Poetry: Jen Benka
Flight Cancelled (Squirrel) (2002, video, 2 min) A video poem/performance starring Sprocket the dog
Say What?! (1994, 16mm to video, 3 min Cameraless Animation)
A Deed Without a Name (1993, 16mm to video, 2 min Animation)
26+ (1983, 6min, 16mm Cameraless Animation)