CRANES IN MOTION (2015, in progress)


IMMORTAL CUPBOARD: In Search of Lorine Niedecker (2003–2009, 73 minutes, 16mm film to DV)

Ahhh Asphalt!

SITE SPECIFIC (2002, 15min, video; collaboration with David Figueroa)

Both Towers Have Fallen (2001, 2min, video)

Beyond Voluntary Control (2000, 30min, 16mm & DVD)

Ass Dance (1999, 40sec, video)

Mother Nature (1996, 5min, 16mm)

A Fish Out of Water (1995, 2min, Pixelvision to DV)

The Match That Started My Fire (1992, 20min, 16mm)

Bust Up (1989, 7min, 16mm)

June Brides (1987, 10min, 16mm)

Girl Watcher (1987, 1min, video)

Toe Jam (1985, 6min, 16mm)


Poetry Films

(2002 – 2006) A collection of Eleven Short Film Poems on one DVD compilation.